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    In March 2015, India has seen the official production launch of the generic version of the best-selling SOVALDI, an innovative anti-hepatitis C drug.
    NATCO PHARMA has purchased a nonexclusive license for the further replication and sale of sofosbuvir under the local tradename HEPCINAT. ​
    HEPCINAT is manufactured using the proprietary technology (owned by GILEAD) and maintaining pharmacokinetic bioequivalence with the original SOVALDI.
    The intercompany agreement has been signed within the framework of an international anti-hepatitis program which includes 91 underdeveloped countries.
    Such countries as China, Hong Kong, USA, Great Britain, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and others have not been included in the list of developing countries, which means that SOVALDI generics will not be officially presented approximate in the 160 countries.
    In the majority of countries (except Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal), it is legally allowed to import non-registered medications for personal use with a prescription. They may be shipped thru two possible ways which we will describe below.
    First way of shipment: Express mail delivery directly to customer's doorstep.
    This way is the least expensive and the safest one in terms of custom control. Average shipping time is 10 days. Having a medical prescription is obligatory for the drugs to be shipped by mail. In case any controversy occurs during the process of custom control (there is such risk in 5-7% of cases), the patient is legally obliged to have direct medical indications to be treated with this drug.
    Second way: Medical tourism.
    This means patient travelling directly to our office located in Mumbai (India). The medication may be purchased on-spot for cash. If a patient would like to import the drug in the country of his permanent residence, he will be obliged to have the medical prescription with him.
    How to track a shipment?
    Every parcel being shipped has an identification tracking number meant for tracking it at all steps of the shipping.
    Samples of tracking at the India Post website:
    In case order shipment has been delayed or the order wasn’t shipped at all, we take the responsibility to re-ship it again at our cost. We are accredited by the Indian FDA and have the necessary authorizations to get the latest stocks from the manufacturer. Our company is licensed for the export of drugs and their custom clearance within the Indian boundaries. Please pay attention to the fact the we get HEPCINAT delivered directly from the sales division of NATCO PHARMA LTD. We do not have any dealers within the logistic chain and we do guarantee the drug’s 100% authenticity.
    We are a domestic distributor and the one of the reputed firms operating in export arena for last 5 years (domestic business of over 19 years) and also have certified from CRISIL (India's largest Credit rating firm). We are supported by a team of dedicated professionals who possess a rich experience and a profound knowledge of the contemporary pharmaceutical industry. We have been successfully shipping drugs worldwide for 5 years already, and we have an excellent experience operating within the Asian market for 3 years. You can trust us completely in providing timely support and prompt solutions to any arising questions.
    Before the payment, we will ask you to provide a scanned copy of a PCR test result for HCV RNA (qualitative, quantitative, genotyping), or a medical prescription used to prove the necessity of purchasing SOFOSBUVIR. Copy of the document should be attached in the ‘personal order” subject, or sent via e-mail after the request has been processed. Please note that requests with no documents attached are processed as a low priority, consequently we kindly ask you to prepare the necessary scanned copies beforehand.
    We accept bank transfers in different currencies directly to our company’s bank account in India. After your order is confirmed, payment instructions will be sent to your mail. WIRE transfer usually takes 2-4 calendar days. Please note that payment is carried out in the local currency (RMB, YEN, BAHT, GBP and etc.) at the current dollar selling rate in your bank at the moment of payment, or directly in dollars (if available).

    ***We kindly ask you to go straight to the “Common questions” forum in case you have any questions.


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